sguscio paracolpi in resina poliuretanica

Bumper base

Polyurethane resin protection system for walls

Pavimento METAPLAN

Floors up to -20°C

In the heart of the Food Valley, in the Langhirano hills, a family-run artisan ham factory.

Pavimento in resina EPOXIBETON low antiskid

Resin floor for canning industry

In the historic artisan Umbrian company in the field of specialty foods, creams, sauces, flavored oils, all made with truffles, we have realized the new flooring in resin grout trowel EPOXIBETON that meets basic requirements for food

lisciatura - compattatura massetto epossidico dopo rettifica planarità

Rectification and correction of intensive warehouse planarity flooring

The flooring generally laid in warehouses is concrete with an industrial dry-shake quartz finish, meeting standard UNI 11146 p. 6.1 in terms of planarity. These standards state that the flooring must have a ±5 mm level difference tolerance, measured with a 2 m long rule laid in any direction.

Pavimento industriale in resina epossidica su piastrelle - prosciuttificio

Epoxy resin flooring on tile floor

These photos are intended to highlight the way in which an existing tiled floor was used as the substrate for new EPOXIBETON epoxy resin flooring...

Pavimento per cantina con finitura trasparente

Resin floor for wineries

Piedmontese wine cellar in Barbaresco, where the eponymous wine is produced: application of FLOORCOAT/H wall coating, which is fully transparent and adds lustre to the surroundings, is fully dust-resistant, waterproof and breathable, and is designed for hygiene on food processing premises.

Massetto epossidico porzionatura formaggio

Floors and coatings in the dairy-cheese industry

Known for producing butter since the 50s, now also organic, the historic company of the Modena hills in the modern premises in CASTELFRANCO EMILIA, where Parmigiano Reggiano is also packaged, turned to SIREC to resolve issues related to flooring.

Massetto epossidica per rettifica ondulazioni magazzino formaggi

Epoxy resin floor coating

The dairy company in Lodi area focused on the production of Grana Padano and other niche cheeses typical of the area, turned to SIREC for its cheese ageing warehouse...