Of course, but it’s fair say that for covering the walls it will be used differents tiles from the floor tiles; also for walls, for waterproofing, it is essential to seal the joints with epoxy resin.

Yes, it is carriageable, but it’s important to choose the right thickness of the tiles. A bad choice of the thickness during the projectual-phase, can cause breakages generating ongoing maintenance costs

There is no the “absolute best", the choice is dictated by the intended use, it is essential the inspection of the site with our technicians in order to verify the real conditions of use

The floor in Klinker and / or porcelain stoneware if sealed with epoxy resin together with the shell and the special pieces, optimizes the continuity and uniformity of the surfaces making it impermeable to the processing liquids.

We can realize a special “mirror finishing” in every area in wich delicate operations are carried out and where there is a risk of contamination with microorganisms, and in wich it’s required an easy cleaning and sanitization.

With the incorporation into the floors of our natural additive, by the release of silver ions, the bacterial growth is counteracted and is assured a continuous protection against bacteria.

The resin cove base connected to the floor, contributes to the surface continuity avoiding the stagnation of dirt, so there isn’t any risk of nesting of microorganisms that can contaminate foods.

Our epoxy resin floors and coatings can be applied on any industrial premises..

With an adequate preparation, the resin floors and covering are appliable on new and existent surfaces in stoneware, klinker, concrete or other, avoiding the demolition and re-construction, becaming integrant part of the new floor.

Our resin floorings are seamless one-piece floors; they have no grout spaces, which makes them easy to clean and hygienic. What is more…

When the resin it’s dry and cathalized it’s an inert system and so it is inodour and atoxic.

Our industrial floors are seamless and therefore ideal for premises with heavy truck traffic...

EPOXIBETON resin floor guarantees the creation or rectification of planarity in compliance with the tolerances required by the forklift truck builder...

Designed for long life despite being exposed to daily operating stress, many of our floors have been in place for over 10 years...

Our floors and coatings are put up and laid directly by specialised personnel...

Certainly our epoxy resin flooring can provide a friction coefficient tailored to the needs, certified with the BCRA method (British Ceramic Research Association Ltd.).

To define the thickness of a resin floor it is crucial to know the characteristics of the base and the intended use. Based on this, thicknesses up to 5/7 mm can be applied.

Industrial epoxy resin floors are durable, easy to clean and have an attractive appearance.

Yes, we do. The resin walls, realized with our WALLGLASS/AC system, is necessary into the areas in wich is needed an uniform, waterproof and easy to clean surface

Of course. The WALLGLASS, regularly certified, is the right system for internals coat of food substances and food liquids, waterproof, easy to clean and to sanitize.

SIREC floors and coatings comply with the legislation relating to construction products or elements related to the characteristic of reaction to fire.

In addition to having all the features specific to the food industry, SIREC floors and coatings reach temperatures down to - 40°C and are therefore suitable for use in cold storage rooms.

With a room temperature of about 10/15°C the resin floor can be walked on after 48 hours. It is accessible to vehicular traffic after 4 days and to chemicals after 7 days...

No. The resin floor can be installed even in the presence of unmovable equipment, although the activity of the company must be temporarily stopped in the affected area.

Certainly our epoxy floors, if required, can be made with antistatic (conductive) properties to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges on their surface, in compliance with CEI 64-4 and standard EN 1081 with electrical resistance values of less than 106Ohm.

SIREC resin flooring is strong and durable, resistant to all chemical and mechanical stresses that occur under normal conditions of use on an industrial scale...

SIREC resin coatings are all drivable, suitable for the coating of car parks in several colours; they are also ideal for renovating and cleaning up old parking garages.

Depending on the types of finish, the final look of the flooring in resin is: glossy, semi-gloss, matte, satin.