• Floors "test-tube proof" for chemical/pharmaceutical industry

Our flooring and wall covering benefits:


In the chemical-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, the production and packaging departments, as well as the laboratories, require very high-performance floors. Surfaces must be seamless, robust, non-toxic, waterproof, easy-to-clean and sanitise, and with a certain degree of antislip to ensure the safety of the operators.

In the “clean rooms,” which are sterile, to eliminate the risk of contamination, we provide surfaces with “mirror” finishes and then incorporate an antibacterial additive, based on natural elements, to obtain completely aseptic environments.

The PHARMATERRAZZO SIREC system is aesthetically pleasant and, above all, very functional. The flooring, made of transparent resin and coloured quartz sands, maintains, unchanged, the aforementioned characteristics.

In addition, RESINS floorings and coverings are:

Furthermore, TILE floorings and coverings are:

In addition to producing and installing resin floorings and coverings, we offer klinker floorings and coverings and/or industrial porcelain stoneware tiles with customised solutions to satisfy the requirements of its ultimate application.

Our application process permits seamless surfaces to be obtained by sealing them with epoxy resin and by using baseboards, corners, and floor and wall junctions. These accessories provide total uniformity in the industrial environment.