Project Details

  • Place of intervention: Metalworking company producing tracks, machine tools, hydraulic presses
  • Location: Emilia Romagna - Ferrara (FE)

Project description

This is a Ferrara-based metalworking firm, a member of a major German group that leads the world in the manufacture of crawlers, machine tools and hydraulic presses. This company’s problem was – and, generally, is, in this industry – the high level of pollution of the concrete flooring due to oil and/or grease impregnation and the slipperiness of the flooring, which thus jeopardised workplace safety.

The owners realised that the need to restore the flooring in a short time militated in favour of a waterproof, highly chemically and physically resistant epoxy resin slab preceded by vigorous preparation of the substrate, eliminating pollutant residue. The flooring laid is EPOXIBETON with non-slip finish, a finish certified according to the BCRA method.