Since 1994, we have been studying and producing resin-formulated products for floorings and coverings for the industrial sector, depending upon the specific requests of the Customer.

With our solvent-free products, we make seamless, easily cleanable and very high-performing resin floorings and coverings.

We have the right solutions for every sector.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to introduce klinker and/or porcelain stoneware floorings and coverings into our range of products, thus diversifying the types according to their intended use, always guaranteeing the best result for the customer.

Our consolidated experience in the field of industrial flooring also allows us to guarantee availability, flexibility and assistance during the execution phase, as well as compliance with safety and sustainability.

Thanks to our “turnkey” solution, we offer the customer guaranteed services based on quality and experience. 

Sirec is a single-contact point, always guaranteeing the agreed-upon delivery times.


constant high economic-commercial reliability (Rating 1)

a guarantee for all companies that have chosen Sirec as their commercial partner