Project Details

  • Location: Italy

Project description

This winery within a historic Piedmontese estate in the Langhe region of Italy had to solve a common problem in wine cellars: the regular flow of liquids in the channels and manholes. 

The existing concrete floor, in fact, did not have the right slope to prevent the stagnation of liquids.

We - at Sirec - solved the problem with EPOXIBETON trowelled resin mortar flooring:

  • we laid the EPOXIBETON flooring of adequate thickness to create the right slope towards the drainage channels.

In order to give continuity to the floor, we created the resin shell: sguscio

  • It provides continuity between the floor and wall covering, and is therefore an essential element in ensuring proper hygienic conditions, thus preventing dirt and bacteria from settling in.
  • follows the structural movements of both the floor and the vertical wall, without suffering any damage or detachment

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