Project Details

  • Place of intervention: Winery
  • Location: Langhe del Barolo (CN) Piemonte

Project description

A winery, with an historic estate Piedmont's Langhe del Barolo, found itself having to solve a common problem in cellars: regulating the flow of liquids into ducts, manholes. 

The existing concrete floor did not have adequate slopes to prevent the pooling of liquids. The solution lies in the EPOXIBETON trowelled mortar resin flooring. We created the EPOXIBETON flooring with a thickness necessary to create the right slope toward the drainage ducts. To give continuity to the epoxy flooring, we also built the connecting base with our RESIPLAST product that, once hardened, remains flexible and allows the base to follow the structural movement of the floor and the vertical wall, without suffering any damage or detachment. It eliminates grooves, common receptacles of dirt, so there is no risk of harbouring microorganisms that may contaminate food, complying fully with the HACCP protocol.