Project Details

  • Place of intervention: Company producing plant extracts for the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Location: Italy

Project description

When it comes to high-quality industrial flooring, there is no doubt that porcelain stoneware is becoming increasingly popular. In this scenario, Sirec positions itself as a reliable and competent partner for the installation of porcelain stoneware flooring for a wide range of industries.

A Concrete Example: The Nutraceutical Industry

An Italian plant extracts company, operating in the nutraceutical, food and pharmaceutical sectors, recently chose Sirec for the flooring of its new plant. The decision to rely on Sirec resulted from the realisation that flooring is a key aspect in ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

From Creating the Subfloor to the Perfect Laying of Porcelain Stoneware

Sirec took care of every detail from start to finish of the project. From the creation of the concrete foundation, which provides a solid and stable base, to the meticulous laying of the porcelain tiles and the creation of the perimeter skirting, every step was tackled with expertise and care.

The porcelain stoneware floors offered by Sirec boast a number of distinctive features that make them ideal for industrial needs:

  • Thermal Shock Resistance: Industrial environments often experience extreme variations in temperature. Sirec's porcelain stoneware floors are designed to withstand such temperature changes, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Resistance to Acids, Impact and Heavy Loads: The industrial environment can present challenges such as falling heavy objects or exposure to aggressive chemicals. Sirec's porcelain stoneware floors are built to withstand impact, abrasion and contact with acids, ensuring a long service life.
  • Resistance to Mould and Treatments: Hygiene is crucial in industrial environments. Thanks to its compact and non-porous surface, porcelain stoneware is mould-resistant and easy to clean. Sirec offers floor coverings that meet the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Keeping an industrial environment clean is a constant challenge. Sirec porcelain stoneware floors simplify this task thanks to their smooth, non-absorbent surface. Cleaning becomes faster and more efficient.
  • Environmental Certifications: Sirec is committed not only to offering high quality floor coverings, but also to doing so in harmony with the environment. Porcelain stoneware floor coverings are certified according to environmental standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804, demonstrating Sirec's commitment to sustainability.


Sirec does more than just supply flooring. Starting with an in-depth analysis of the customer's needs, the company works with each customer to identify the most suitable solution. Design and execution assistance is guaranteed at every stage of the process.


If you are looking for the ideal solution for industrial flooring, do not hesitate to contact Sirec. The company offers a free inspection with a specialised technician, ready to provide you with advice and recommendations based on your specific needs. Sirec will be your reliable partner in the choice and installation of porcelain stoneware industrial floors, guaranteeing quality, durability and functionality.

Choose Sirec for your porcelain stoneware industrial floors: quality, reliability and experience at your service.