Project Details

  • Place of intervention: Plants
  • Location: Casalmaggiore (CR), Varano de' Melegari (PR), Gambugliano (VI)

Project description

This is the company in the engineering sector , the NIDEC group, which produces engines for various industrial applications with factories in CASALMAGGIORE ( CR ) , VARANO MELEGARI (PR) and Gambugliano (VI).

According to the two different types were carried out of the support it was

- In resin mortar flooring spatula EPOXIBETON factories CASALMAGGIORE ( CR ) and VARANO MELEGARI ( PR ) ; in these establishments support concrete appeared dated , rather deteriorated , no vapor barrier , and in some places with the presence of resin coatings

- Flooring plywood EPOXICOAT / AC , Breathable , in the establishment of Gambugliano ( VI ) , where the concrete substrate are presented in very good condition but no vapor barrier