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  • Location: Italy

Project description

Very narrow aisle warehousing, also known as VNA (Very Narrow Aisle), plays a crucial role in ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in the organisation of such facilities. A world-renowned medical device manufacturer recognised the importance of this aspect and chose to partner with industry leader Sirec to meet the stringent requirements of the VDMA guidelines. Sirec is Alphaplan's exclusive agent for Italy and this synergy has allowed them to adopt an innovative solution to achieve a perfect flooring that complies with current regulations. This article will explore the issue of flooring in narrow aisle warehouses and how Sirec's solution provided an effective answer to the customer's need for safety and efficiency.

The Challenge of flooring in Narrow Aisle Warehouses

In warehouses with narrow aisles, where space is reduced to a minimum in order to optimise storage capacity, the floor takes on a role of primary importance. The surface on which the forklift trucks operate must be extremely flat and free of rough edges, in order to allow smooth and safe transit of the trucks and maximum stability of the loads. In addition, compliance with regulations on surface electrical conductivity is essential to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges, which could damage both the vehicles and the medical devices themselves, jeopardising the safety of the entire facility.

Sirec's Solution: Automatic Grinding and Protective Coating

To solve the issue of flooring in narrow aisle warehouses, the medical device manufacturer chose to rely on Sirec's experience and expertise, a leader in industrial flooring solutions. In cooperation with Alphaplan, for which Sirec is the exclusive agent for the whole of Italy, a two-stage strategy was implemented to ensure the flatness and protection of the flooring.

  1. Automatic Adjustment of Transit Lanes. Initially, it was carried out an automatic grinding of the transit lanes of the three-side trucks. This process is essential to ensure that the surface is perfectly level and free of defects. Thanks to the technical expertise and precision of the equipment used, it was possible to obtain a floor with the minimum tolerances required by the VDMA guidelines, thus ensuring the smooth and safe movement of the trucks within the warehouse.
  2. Floorcoat/H Protective Coating. After grinding, Sirec applied a transparent protective coating called Floorcoat/H to the affected lanes. This coating is designed to ensure the longevity of the pavement, protecting it from wear and damage caused by the continuous transit of vehicles. In addition, Floorcoat/H complies with EN 10181, which requires a specific surface electrical conductivity to prevent the formation of electrostatic charges. This helps to maintain a safe working environment and to protect both the trilateral trucks and the medical devices themselves from potential electrical damage.


Flooring in narrow aisle warehouses is a critical element when it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of an entire facility. The medical device manufacturer recognised the importance of this aspect and chose to work together with Sirec and Alphaplan to achieve an effective and functional solution. Thanks to the automatic grinding of the aisles and the application of the Floorcoat/H protective coating, the warehouse floor complies with the strict VDMA and EN 10181 regulations, ensuring a safe and reliable working environment.

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