Project Details

  • Place of intervention: The Distribution Center Parts
  • Location: VENETO - VERONA -

Project description

The Distribution Center Parts for Italy of prestigious car brands with headquartered in Verona, has been entrusted to SIREC for the construction of floors for over a decade. In particular for the correction of the flatness of the concrete floor in the intensive warehouse equipped with trilateral trucks. In narrow-lane warehouses - VNA - the flatness tolerances of the flooring are very constrinctive and have to be in according with the DIN 15185 or the VDMA guidelines in order to fully take advantage the potential of handling performance and safety for operators. Initially, the planarity of the current concrete floor was checked by means of an appropriate verify, and it was found that the flooring did not comply with DIN 15185. We then proceeded to cover the transit lanes of the carriages with the EPOXIBETON "controlled flatness" resinous system, a patented Sirec system that fully meets the following requirements: 

- Flatness tolerances according to DIN 15185

- Resistance to ground- RE - determined according to EN 1081 (ex DIN 51953) - not more than 106 Ohm

- Braking distance complying with the 15160-part 1 standard 

- Friction coefficient μ 0,5 approx.

- Continuous and uniform

- Resistant to impacts and loads concentrated in small areas 

- Resistant to chemical and mechanical stress

- Resistant to abrasions 

- Resistant to oils and fats