Project Details

  • Place of intervention: A farm specialised in the production of D.O.P. basil.
  • Location: Italy

Project description

When it comes to custom-made industrial flooring, Sirec is your trusted ally. Our mission is to provide flooring solutions that not only meet the practical needs of our customers, but also reflect the look and feel of the brand. With a 'tailor-made' approach to flooring, Sirec offers exceptional performance combined with customised design.

A Straightforward Case Study: D.O.P. Basil meets Resin Flooring

A Ligurian farm, famous for the production of D.O.P. basil, faced a unique challenge: to customise the flooring in the different areas of their new factory, which includes production, a bar and a restaurant. The objective was to match the colour of the resin flooring with the visual identity of the company brand.

Sirec was up to the challenge thanks to its in-house research and development laboratory and highly specialised production. We created a combination of functionality and design, offering customers floors that reflect their vision, without compromising on quality.

Points of Strength of Sirec Resin Flooring.

  • Tailor-made non-slip: We understand that every area within an industry has different requirements. Sirec's resin floors are modulated to provide the right degree of anti-slip, ensuring safety in every department
  • Customised Colour: Customisation is our trademark. We fulfilled the farm's colour request, creating resin floors that perfectly complement their brand identity. Every detail counts.
  • Hygiene and Easy Cleaning: In sectors such as the food industry, hygiene is crucial. Sirec flooring provides an easy-to-clean surface, helping to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Seamless Continuity: Visual continuity is key to creating welcoming and professional environments. Our resin floors extend seamlessly, eliminating the presence of joints.
  • Excellent Mechanical Resistance: Industrial floors must withstand intensive use and mechanical stress. Sirec resin floors are designed to last over time, maintaining their performance intact.

 Enduring Quality and Unique Design

Sirec floors are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also built to last. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and controlled in-house production, we can guarantee that each floor covering offers consistent and reliable performance.

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