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Project description

In the last few years, Sirec has joined collaborations with important American industries operating in the Food sector, mainly in the production of salami.

From the advice, to the inspection, to the shipping of materials, until the execution with our Italian personnel.

Realization of flooring differentiated according to the intended use of the rooms:

EPOXIBETON with a special “mirror” and antibacterial finishing

Flooring that allows easy cleaning and sanitization, used in the rooms where meats and salami are cut and in all rooms where food products are cut or packaged; these are delicate operations at risk of contamination (WHITE ROOMS).

Moreover, to contrast the growth of bacterial charges, we used the antibacterial finishing, based on natural elements, that allows to be effective against a large spectrum of the most common bacteria that are present in food industry or brought to sterile environments by the workers: Pseudonomas, Staphylococcus Aureos, Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, Aspergillus, B. Cereus

EPOXIBETON with Low/Middle Antiskid finishing

Continuous and uniform flooring, it is suitable for the restructuring of old degraded floorings, which are also unhygienic in that status. It gives to the new flooring fundamental requirements such as hygiene and security.

FLOORCOAT with Low/Middle Antiskid finishing

Monolithic protective coating for concrete flooring with anti-dust characteristics, wear-resistant, waterproof and chemical-resistant.


Executed on an existing concrete screed not protected by barrier vapor to assure the planarity according to the requirements of technical specifications for AGV -TGV-LGV vehicles.