Project Details

  • Place of intervention: Production, bresaola seasoning
  • Location: Ponte Valtellina (SO)

Project description

In the ancient village, in Ponte Valtellina, a new producer of cured bresaola typical of the Valtellina was established.

SIREC was asked to design and build the floors of the new plant. Analyzing the various problems and needs, the EPOXIBETON typology was identified, floor based on epoxy formulasIn particular, the plant has been equipped with automatic TGV vehicles that move the bresaola carousels at full height in complete automation. This type of automation requires flooring with very specific characteristics:•     High surface hardness and mechanical resistance•     Very restrictive flatness tolerances•     Definite surface roughness•     Electric conducibility

SIREC, with a proven technology for over 30 years and patented, has created the flooring that fully meets all the specifications required by the manufacturer of the TGV vehicle.

The project also envisaged local "clean rooms" for slicing the productIn the "clean rooms" it is essential to avoid the risk of contamination by volatile particles that would compromise the production-packaging of the products, therefore the EPOXIBETON flooring was made with a special "mirror" finish that allows easy cleaning and sanitization. Finally throughout the factory EPOXIBETON flooring was made in various colors in order to define the various activities of the departments, also using a special antibacterial finish that, based on natural elements, allows it to be effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria among the most common in food companies or brought to sterile environments by workers, such as: Pseudonomas, Staphylococcus Aureos, Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, Aspergillus, B. Cereus EPOXIBETON epoxy resin flooring is an absolutely versatile type, it contains a series of fundamental characteristics such as resistance to wear, mechanical stresses, absolute impermeability, hygienic and easy to clean and sanitize, achievable "with controlled flatness" to guarantee the perfect functioning of automatic vehicles with a particular finish results in a surface electric conductivity of no more than 106 Ohm, determined according to EN 1081 and can be achieved with colors of your choice.


To give the perfect continuity between the floor and the wall, as required by current legislation, the perimeter shell has been created which, thanks to a special elastic system, guarantees perfect adhesion to the supports and their integrity, despite possible structural movements.