Project Details

  • Place of intervention: Cheese Ageing Warehouse
  • Location: Orio Litta – Lodi

Project description

The dairy company in Lodi area focused on the production of Grana Padano and other niche cheeses typical of the area, turned to SIREC for its cheese ageing warehouse; the concrete floor presented dips compromising the functionality of the warehouse: stagnant water, difficulty in cleaning, fall of cheese forms picked up by the robot, causing the stoppage of the robot with the consequent considerable damage, both in economic terms and due to processing slowdown and damage of the forms.

In the past, the company had already tried other resin systems, but with negative results. The interaction between the owner of the dairy company and our technician proved to be key to the decisive way with which the EPOXIBETON flooring epoxy resin was laid in transit robot lanes. This is a great unique flooring that corrects the flooring undulations typical of concrete substrate. It reaches very high planarity levels, with a non-slip finish complying the Consolidated Act 81/08, with high mechanical durability; in the area under the shelves, in order to reduce costs, the FLOORCOAT/AC water coloured coating was laid, a dust-proof protection layer with good wear resistance.