Impermeability, hygiene, resistance to the components that are released during wine production, the ability to withstand even high mechanical loads, for the passage of industrial forklifts. SIREC systems based on epoxy resins fully meet these requirements and are used as coatings for walls and containers. SIREC has combined these characteristics with epoxy systems free of any volatile substances, non-toxic, regularly tested and certified to be in contact with foodstuffs, and in compliance with the legislation in force and the HACCP protocol. One the most significant systems is the EPOXIBETON floor, which, using a new or old base, can be suitably treated to become an integral part of the new floor: epoxy resin screed, solvent-free, with added mineral fillers, aesthetically pleasing flooring, very versatile in the composition and/or colouring, choosing the one that best fits into the wine environment. Here is a summary of the main features:

  • Resistance to mechanical stress
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Waterproof: do not absorb any kind of substance that could damage them over time
  • Hygienic and odourless: they are easy to clean and therefore suitable for areas where the bacterial load must be kept under control; after application, it does not release unpleasant odours that can attack the products being processed, it protects the environment from the proliferation of contaminants such as moulds and bacteria
  • Non-slip for maximum safety in compliance with applicable laws on worker safety

Moreover, among the various systems that exist on the market, EPOXIBETON is the one that ensures the correction and/or creation of slopes towards the drainage ducts. Another feature of this floor, which we dare to call "excellent", is the creation of perfectly flat surfaces, which are necessary in the aisles of warehouses with a great height.

SIREC offers a coating that is particularly important for the wine industry, the "WALLGLASS coating", a protective coating for walls and containers used for foodstuffs, based on Epoxy glass, a two-component formula, based on modified epoxy resins, free of solvents.  

SIREC floors and coatings are regularly tested and certified for food contact.