SIREC confirms its attention to the changing needs of the current regulations in terms of safety, in the broadest sense of the term. Food processing environments in particular are always at risk of bacterial contamination. The processing waste leads to a process of mould and bacteria that can spread from all the production surfaces to the finished packaged product, since some contaminants may breach the package, altering its characteristics and can cause allergies, poisoning etc...

The consumer remains the main priority of national and European authorities, but certainly, the producer should be considered too; no manufacturer wants to incur sanctions or penalties, so it is always the first to adopt a prevention program. This is why SIREC, based on its years of experience, and accredited by a well-known clientele, acts as a partner for the construction of floors and coatings based on epoxy and polyurethane resins that are easy to clean, diversified according to the design of the productive facilities, be they new or existing structures, in order to stop the risk of contamination. SIREC floors and coatings are absolutely waterproof, do not release volatile substances, are non-toxic and odourless, regularly tested and certified to be in contact with food, in compliance with the current legislation on occupational safety and the HACCP protocol.

There are many case histories of construction of cleanroom aseptic floors with the EPOXIBETON system, troweled epoxy resin mortar flooring, with high levels of performance, not least that of being able to be laid over existing tile flooring, uniform and continuous, safe and impervious to the possible development of microorganisms, and absolutely hygienic. Another detail of this flooring that we dare to call "excellent" is the correction of slopes toward the drainage ducts, creating perfectly flat surfaces, exemplified in other case history of a confectionery business in Abruzzo. SIREC also wants to emphasize another topic that has a major impact today: epoxy resin flooring can be defined as "green":

  • the construction of a floor involves the use of machines and appliances that consume energy; being able to install a long-life flooring reduces the consumption of these energies, so that whatever is lasting is "green";
  • the floor on which various business activities are performed is the key element of a building; the more resistant a floor is to the stresses of its use, the less intensive will any repair work be, and these will also be quick and easy, with less energy consumption
  • it can be installed on existing supports, recycling them.

Integrity and professionalism are critical to the success of SIREC floors and coatings