Industrial floors, particularly in the engineering industry, are often degraded as they are subject to heavy mechanical stress and impregnation by oil and grease. These factors lead to quick wear of the flooring, helping to create unhealthy and dangerous environments, as the undulations and fractures caused by the handling vehicles and the difficulty of cleaning the oil-soaked flooring may give rise to accidents. Putting the spotlight on the problem of safety is an issue that is so relevant that SIREC wants to raise awareness on the spread of a true culture of prevention, sharing the knowledge regarding the floors and epoxy resin coatings it produces and installs.

At SIREC, we produce and install floors and coatings based on epoxy and polyurethane resin, researched and custom-designed for our customers, listening to their requests and needs, and trying to understand if our solutions have achieved their goals. This analysis has allowed us to improve every day and become a leader in the field of floors and coatings industry. Combining passion and research, thanks to the provision of a laboratory with cutting-edge tools, over the years the reliability of SIREC has gone from strength to strength. With the initial safety and quality mission, we have put on the market epoxy systems absolutely free of volatile substances, non-toxic, odourless, regularly tested and certified to be in contact with food substances, so in this regard completely safe for use in work environments.

Based on these characteristics, we at SIREC are committed to making floors with high quality standards. There are many case histories, among which we can mention the company in Copparo (FE) that manufactures components for undercarriages, the international Swedish group famous for the production of rolling bearings (factory in Bari), a producer of hydraulic systems with a website in Reggio Emilia, a company in STABIO (CH) producing stainless steel bolts, and so on. All of these companies and others came together with a common problem: flaking floors, soaked with oil, hard to clean and therefor slippery; after careful inspection by our technicians, and various and important assessments and verifications, we applied our EPOXIBETON floor in troweled resin mortar, with high levels of performance, not least that of being able to lay it on existing tile floors, with a friction coefficient based on the needs of the customer.

Another feature of this flooring, which we dare to call "excellent", is the creation of perfectly flat surfaces in intensive warehouses equipped with bilateral and trilateral forklifts and vertical order pickers, with innumerable case histories that have additional requirements:


  • resistance to oils and greases
  • resistance to ground - RE - determined in compliance with EN 1081 (formerly DIN 51953) - not more than 106 Ohm
  • braking distance complies with rule 15160 - part 1
  • friction coefficient approx. μ 0.5

At SIREC we work respecting people and the environment