The floor of the warehouse Finished Products GSK - GLAXOSMITHKLINE MANUFACTURING

Thank GSK - GLAXOSMITHKLINE MANUFACTURING and "Il Giornale della Logistica" for speaking about SIREC

Special thanks to GSK - GLAXOSMITHKLINE MANUFACTURING for choosing SIREC as a partner for the realization of both the resin floorings, for both the construction of the warehouse floor Finished Product, equipped with turret trucks, with the withdrawal of up to 12 mt. of height.

The floor of the warehouse aisles, for VNA trucks has been grinded with automatic machine FloorShaver, all-electric car with zero emissions within the warehouse and the absence of dust, for the adjustment of flatness, getting a surface corresponding to the VDMA guide lines.

Then the aisles were treated with FLOORCOAT / H coating, transparent, resinous protective coating, wear resistant, attractive finish that gives the room brightness. In addition the sealing of expansion / contraction joints are sealed with  ELASTOPLAST elastic material.