SIREC editorial published April 2017

SIREC is the single referent for the realization of industrial resin-floors - studied and made in its plant, and klinker and gres tile industrial floors.

SIREC provides floors with very high-level of performances thanks its deep knowledge in this field. The goal of Sirec is to propose its clients the right flooring, diversifying the typology of product depending on the intended use of the area, and delivering a prefect floor complete of everything, ready to be used. The “turnkey” is one of the Sirec’s strong point.

One more SIREC’s strong point is to produce resin-systems according to the Customer needs.

Floors made by Sirec are resistant to the concentrated-loads, abrasion, completely hygienic, non-toxic, and to contrast the growth of microrganism, SIREC has developed the “antibacterial floors” ( ensuring a continuous protection against a very large spectrum of bacterial and fungi. This hight protection has been reach thanks to a tecnology based on silver ions.

SIREC also gained a solid experience into the realization of klinker and gres floors and walls, with high thickness and very high-level performances.

The Sirec’s tiles are inert to many solicitations thanks to their composition and to the thermal treatment at wich they are been undergone, for this reason:

-they are not perishable if under attack of organic bacteria (bacteriostatic)

-they don’t yield toxic or harmful substances

-they don’t propagate the flame and don’t induce gas or fumes


SIREC will guide you into the best choice.