The challenge of flatness

To ensure the best performance in terms of safety and productivity, the Volkswagen Group Italia chose already in the nineties to rely on Sirec - a company based in Parma specialized in industrial flooring - for the construction of the Verona warehouse floor. For the intensive warehouse area, however, the requests were much more stringent, in particular since trilateral order pickers with high-level operators started to be adopted in 2008.
The evolution of needs", says Luca Bolzoni, president of Sirec, "has imposed a correction of the flatness of the concrete floor in the intensive warehouse equipped with trilateral trolleys. In fact, in narrow-lane VNA warehouses, the flatness tolerances of the flooring are very narrow and must comply with the DIN 15185 standard or the VDMA guidelines in order to fully exploit the potential of handling performance and safety for operators. The starting point of the project was to check the flatness of the current concrete paving by means of appropriate analyzes: noting that the paving did not comply with the DIN 15185 standard, we have drawn up an intervention plan, specifically designed for the Volkswagen team minimize the impact of maintenance work on warehouse activities ”.

Objective: flatness

"We have scheduled the renovation of the flooring in several sessions," confirms Adriano Baggieri, "in order to maintain the intensive warehouse in perfect efficiency and safety without having to stop the activities. Sirec has therefore worked day and night during holidays and bridges - when the volumes processed by our distribution center are lower - completing the new flooring in the established times and completing the intervention in January 2019 ".

The intensive warehouse is today equipped with a floor covering the transit lanes of the trolleys with the EPOXIBETON "controlled flatness" resinous system, a patented Sirec system that fully meets the requirements of both the DIN 15185 standard in terms of flatness and electrical conductivity , surface roughness and mechanical strength required by the manufacturer of the three-way trucks operating in the area.

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