Report of ANUGA FOOD TECH 2015


We want to bring our industrial epoxy resin flooring and coverings out of Italy!
So we have decide to partecipate at the international exibition ANUGA FOOD TECH 2015.

We have bben satisfied and also a little bit surprised about the great flow of visitors that come to our stand.

The SIREC epoxy resin floors and coverings  are formulated and producted in our establishment and applied by our specialized personnel. We have the pleasure to install our floors in the numerous national prestigious company and we wish that this also happens for the foreign market.

Particular attention has arused the antimicorbial flooring, based on natural elements. The antimicorbial additive is effectivve against a wilde range of bacteria and fungi.
Some chemical antibacterial agents end up in effluent; purification treatment does not remove them and, as they are highly stable, they eventually pollute the waterways. The SIREC Spa antimicrobial additive instead is silver ion based so its completly natural. The antimicrobial additive incorporated into our floorings involves a silver-based technology and a ceramic material that regulates the release of the silver, guaranteeing optimum uniformity of performance and long-lastingness.