Like in the last past years a lot of italian and international visitors have come to visit our stand in IPACK IMA 2015. We can say that our epoxy and klinker flooring has arused the interest of our guest as usual. A lot of people attracted by our coloured samples (that show all the application phases) asked information about the different kind of epoxy flooring and coverings. The attention increase when we start talking about our antimicrobial flooring realized using a natural additive.

Some chemical antibacterial agents end up in effluent; purification treatment does not remove them and, as they are highly stable, they eventually pollute the waterways. The SIREC Spa antimicrobial additive instead is silver ion based so its completly natural. The antimicrobial additive incorporated into our floorings involves a silver-based technology and a ceramic material that regulates the release of the silver, guaranteeing optimum uniformity of performance and long-lastingness.

We are very satisfied about our presenze in this edition of IPACK IMA! Thank you to all the people that came to visit our stand!