Industrial Floors

Sirec resin flooring: one principle, endless applications.

The main problem to solve in building or rebuilding an industrial floor is its resistance to loads, even very heavy ones concentrated in small spaces, and to chemical agents. In fact, any floor that is not suitable ends up by yielding to this stress and falls to pieces in a short period. Quality is the key to the success of SIREC flooring. SIREC, in fact, produces and uses versatile compounds made of epoxy resins, which make its floors continuous, monolithic, non-slip, even the ones with specific requirements, but they are above all strong and long lasting. They are able to withstand all the chemical and mechanical stress encountered during everyday use at industrial level.

In fact even if the basic principal of SIREC’s floors is always the same, the formulation of the different epoxy resin compounds changes according to the customers requirements, offering the maximum guarantee of results. But not only this, thanks to the epoxy resins, SIREC is able to build the floors using the opportunely treated old surface as the base, making it become an integrant part of the new floor, with considerable savings both in time and costs.

If you have a problem with your industrial floor, please do not hesitate to contact SIREC. You will have at your disposal the long experience of its men and the latest technology.

All advantages for you.

Floors for Food Industry

Actually, you need a really excepional floors for the food industry. Able to resist not only heavy loads but above all the corrosion caused by chemical agents.

Fully planar surface “billiard” floors for intensive warehouses, fully compliant with DIN 15185 standard

The realization of floors for intensive warehouses needs great care and know-how. In fact in this case a correctly laid floor has an important role in the efficancy of the vehiclles in the correct running of a warehouse.

Fully planar surface “billiard” floors compliant to the vdma guidelines

Thanks to the cooperation with ALPHAPLAN LLC, SIREC wants to be the Italian leader of VNA trucks floor to guarantee flooring fully compliant to the latest VDMA guideline.

Floors "test-tube proof" for chemical/pharmaceutical industry

Resistance to chemical substances, the impermeability and hygiene are the main characteristics of SIREC floors for chemical – pharmaceutical industry.

“Blue Collar” floors for engineering and mechanical industry

SIREC proposes floors with a strong resistance to impacts and to loads concentrated in small areas, and chemical resistance to oil, fuel and lubricants and other substances in daily use in this sector of industry.