Warehouse flooring, a key element that can make the difference

GSK finished product warehouse equipped with trilateral trolleys, with pick up to 12 meters in height To rectify the flatness and obtain a surface that complies with the VDMA guidelines, the pavement of the warehouse lanes, for VNA trolleys, was smoothed with the "Ecological" FloorShaver automatic machine of the Belgian ALPHAPLAN BVBA, in Italy represented by SIREC, the only company in the world to possess the technology necessary to obtain the required planarity.The machine worked in the automatic lanes, remotely controlled by ALPHAPLAN technicians in Belgium who, in real time, certified the compliance of the floor with the VDMA guidelines.

The non-flatness of the floor on which VNA carriages transit can cause: 

- Collisions of the forks against the shelves 

- Lifting problems 

- Collection errors -

- Situations of risk for the operator 

- Reduction of machine speeds 

Subsequently, the resin coating FLOORCHOAT / H was applied, a transparent, protective, conductive, wear-resistant coating with a pleasing appearance that gives the room a shine; furthermore the sealing of the expansion / contraction joints present in the support was carried out, with elastic product RESIPLST