SIREC SPA is born in the heartbeat of the FOOD VALLEY, and has been realizing epoxy resin and polyurethane floorings and coatings to meet the requirements imposed by the European and national legislation on occupational safety in production departments and the protection of consumer health.

Established in 1994 in Colorno (Parma) by technicians with extensive experience in the field of epoxy resins, SIREC operates in the production of epoxy resin floors for industry. Industrial flooring must have a high resistance to loads and chemical agents, and to achieve these results the company produces and uses compounds based on epoxy resins offering continuous, monolithic, non-slip flooring that can be used in any environment and be laid on any support, even pre-existing ones, and properly treated it becomes an integral part of the new flooring.

In particular, in the dairy industry and food industry in general, the hygiene of the processing facilities is also assured by a flooring with suitable characteristics, i.e. waterproof, monolithic, hygienic, non-slip and resistant to mechanical and chemical stress to counter corrosion. It is also important to emphasize SIREC's choice to use epoxy formulas, safe products free of volatile substances, odourless, non-toxic and in compliance with current legislation. SIREC studies and offers several different types of floors and coatings based on epoxy and polyurethane formulations, produced in its own factory, customized for each customer according to their needs. SIREC knows very well the needs of the dairy industry and therefore, through tests and trials performed by researchers in the laboratory, is able to propose types that are resistant to milk processing substances, retaining the main characteristics they need to have. Colours are also not a limit for SIREC; generally, we refer to the RAL table, but even these can be customized with different shades by means of special equipment.

This is why ALIVAL SPA, a prestigious company that has operated in the dairy industry for over twenty years, specializing in the production of typical Italian cheeses, parent company of other young and dynamic companies in the sector (, certified ISO 9001, BRS and IFS, chose to partner with SIREC for the EPOXIBETON flooring in its new logistics base, with automatic warehouse, built at the website of Ponte Buggianese (PT).