Epoxy resin and polyurethane floorings and coatingsby SIREC for the food, wine and beverage industries have achieved a high level of performance: regularly certified, they are able to inhibit the growth of algae and therefore are suitable for food environments; the suitability requirements are expressed in the non-toxicity of the same and the ease of cleaning and decontamination.

Combining passion and research, over the years the reliability of SIREC has gone from strength to strength. With the initial mission of quality and safety, we have introduced on the market totally hygienic epoxy systems, free of volatile substances, non-toxic, in compliance with the legislation in force regarding occupational safety and the HACCP protocol, capable of withstanding heavy loads, being waterproof and resisting chemical attack.
Nevertheless, SIREC will continue with its research, responding to the expectations of customers by continuing to formulate and apply high-tech epoxy systems with high quality standards. For this, we should thank our prestigious customers of the wine lands of Piedmont and Tuscany, for the trust they continue to show us, inspiring SIREC to tackle any problem that occurs within those companies.

For these types of environments, SIREC offers a wide range of types of flooring based on basic requirements such as health and safety. In this regard, we mention the EPOXIBETON floor, a continuous and monolithic system that is pleasing to the eye; EPOXIBETON can be applied both over existing floors when they must be restored and on new supports. A unique system that ensures the correction and/or creation of slopes towards the drainage ducts, in addition to the creation of perfectly flat surfaces when it comes to intensive warehouses with narrow aisles.
Our other system that is successful, as it is breathable, absolutely dust-proof, and giving shine to the environment, is the TRANSPARENT FLOORCOAT/H