Dual-component pigmented mortar based on modified epoxy resins and aliphatic and/or cycloaliphatic solvent-free hardeners, with added mineral fillers.


  • Industrial monolithic floors with a minimum thickness of 5 mm with anti-dust, anti-wear, anti-shock properties, waterproof and chemical resistant, with high mechanical strength, easy to clean; suitable for the food industry, chemical/pharmaceutical industry, in all those environments that require aseptic conditions, heavy/metalworking industry where the floor is subjected to high mechanical stress.
  • Coating for the narrow aisles of intensive warehouses with great heights for the creation/correction of flatness.
  • Maintenance, repair and/or reinforcement of joints with a "joist" system, where the movement of the forklifts is very high and contributes substantially to the breakage of the joints.
  • Renovation of existing floors in concrete, stoneware, klinker or other, not protected by a vapour barrier, which show signs of high degradation.