Floors for Food Industry

Actually, you need exceptional floors for the food industry. Able to resist not only to heavy loads but above all to the corrosion caused by chemical agents. A corroded or crumbling floor in this environment is unsightly and it alters the sanitary condition of the working place often causing bacterial pollution.

Here are the characteristics of our floors for the food industry, accomplished in SIREC long experience. They respond perfectly to all the specific requirements of this sector:

  • Waterproof. SIREC floors do not absorb any type of substance that can damage them in the long run.
  • Monolithic. They have no joints or grooves, which are receptacles of dirt.
  • Hygienic. They are easy to clean and therefore suitable for premises where bacteria have to be kept under control.
  • Odourless. Always thanks to their Hygiene SIREC floors avoid bad odours forming.
  • Aptness. SIREC floors after being laid, do not release bad odours and they are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.
  • Non-slip. Maximum safety in compliance with the laws in force for workers safety.
  • Resistance. Excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical stress.
  • Fast completion times.
  • Laid on existing floors.